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'Developing a sound early education'

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In September 1993, a small institution located in Ridgeland Park, West, in New Providence, opened its doors to the Bahamian public and gave birth to what was known as The Robinson-Morris Academy Preschool And Nursery.

During its first months of operation, approximately fourteen students were enrolled with two teachers.  Since then, our institution has grown tremendously.  To God we give all honor, glory, and praise.

In 2006, the Robinson-Morris Chapel Church Family, and the Board of Directors, decided to change the school's name to the H. F. Williamson Academy of Excellence.

The H. F. Williamson Academy of Excellence is a church-related institution, registered with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.  It is operated by the church's Board of Directors.   

The H. F. Williamson Academy of Excellence is a Church-related institution, registered withthe Ministry of Education and Culture.  It is operated by a Board of Directors from the Church.  


Board of Directors:

Rev. Howard Williamson - Administrator

Mr. Berkley Williamson - Chairman

Our curriculum is in keeping with the guidelines of the Preschool Curriculum of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.
Presently, we are constructing a new facility (that is well on the way) which will cater to students from toddlers through grade 6.  Through the dedication and commitment of the individuals connected with the H. F. Williamson Academy of Excellence, we believe that the work we have started will continue to be fruitful.  With this in mind, we are determined to make this institution a premier in early childhood development in this region.

Our Vision
To Teach, Train, Educate, and Nurture our students in accordance with the word of God, to become productive and successful citizens in every area of their lives.
Our Mission

The H. F. Williamson Academy of Excellence Preschool is based on the promise that children learn by doing.  We provide stimulating, exciting experiences and a warm supportive environment so that students will increase their awareness, develop sensitivity to themselves and others, and learn to solve problems creatively

Our Goals:
1. To present a curriculum, which provides a solid foundation in Christian behaviour, 
     principles and thinking in the Cognitive and Affective Domains.

2.  To establish Christian patterns of thinking behaviour.

3.  To help establish united, strong and loving Christian homes and families in The 

4.  To be a living demonstration by word and deed in this community; whereby all 
      students and teachers demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, for each other and for 
      the world.

5.   Strive to maintain the highest degree of academic excellence to enable students to 
      contribute to the general welfare of the Bahamian society and to the betterment of 
      humankind as a whole.

6.   To encourage and prepare students to fulfill the principal tasks in life; namely to 
      glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.

7.   To encourage the growth of creative expression.

8.   To encourage the development of skills for self-expression and creativity in art 

 9.  To encourage children to find beauty in the every day environment, to bring that 
       beauty to the classroom, and to share it with others.

10. To encourage the development of skills for expressive arts (music, art, drama,) as a 
       natural means of expression, as communication, and as an integral part of the 
       school day.

11.  To provide an environment which fosters and respects a child's interest, ability and 
       innate creativity.

12.  To assist the child by being a guide and helper, and one who suggests ideas and 
       experiences without modeling.

13.  Developing a sound early education through basic structured learning skills.

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